St. Peter Directory Access

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The St. Peter directory information is available by request to people in the St. Peter family. The directory can be accessed through the St. Peter mobile app or through the web-based tool Access ACS. The same user name and password is used for both tools.

Who is included?
The directories include all members plus others who are not members but who are participants. If you need to determine if someone is a member, please call the church office.

To enter ACS Access:
If you have already received your password from the church, click this link: The site number is 1097. Enter your email or your user name and your password.

To receive a user name and password:
User names and passwords are issued only to people in the St. Peter Lutheran family. To request a user name and password, email, Angie Blaesner at For security, change your password (go to Home -- My Account) once you enter the system. If you forget your password, email

Adding to or updating your information
You are encouraged to make your information complete and accurate. To make changes, click on the pencil. Make your changes and click 'submit.' Church staff will review requested changes. It might take a few days for information you submit to appear in the ACS Access records.

Information on others
You can see the names of other people in the St. Peter family, plus their address, phone and email (if they are not unlisted), by doing a search on the Overview page. Directories, in the top menu, allows you to view a full directory, which you may then print if you wish.

Your information viewed by others
If you do not wish others in the St. Peter family to see your name, address or email information through ACS Access, you have two options: 1. Ask the church office to keep your phone and email unlisted. (Our church database system will keep your phone and email, but not your name or address, unlisted.) 2. In ACS Access, under My Profile/My Preferences, you can remove your name and other information from the directories that other will see. This step applies only to ACS Access. You will still need to do step 1 if you want the church to consider your phone and email unlisted.

As St. Peter's ministry groups provide a roster to the Equipping office, the participants are entered into ACS Access. If you're in one or more of these ministries, you'll see them listed under Activities on your Profile page. Group members can send an email to members of their group, and export group members' contact info to an Excel document.


Recording gifts and interests -- From your profile, click on the Serving tab. By clicking on any of the pencils in this section, you will see lists of spiritual gifts, heart (interests), abilities, education/experience, qualifications, and personality traits. You can mark the ones that apply to you. Church staff search on these attributes when they are looking for people who might enjoy specific volunteer opportunities.
Important note: Although the church is notified when you make other changes in your record, we are NOT notified when you add these attributes. If you want us to know that you're adding these interests, call the church office, or send an email to, in addition to entering them here.

Availability for serving -- Please do NOT use these fields to indicate your availability. It is not a well-designed feature, and actually makes it harder for us to match people with ministry opportunities. Just ignore it, or call/email us to tell us personally of your availability.

Find a place to serve -- There are two ways to see ministry opportunities. We are just beginning to use these features to their full capability. Click on the Overview heading at the top of the page. In the "I want to view" box, click on "available activities." If you select one or more items and click on "request to join, our office will be notified. At Overview/"I want to join," you can also click on "Available Serving Opportunities." If you click on "interested," our office will be notified. When we are notified, we will contact you by email or phone to give you more information.

Problems? You must have pop-ups enabled in order to view directories. If you have questions or problems with ACS Access, contact: Angie Blaesner,