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Days of Serving: September 2018

Over two weekends, 160+ people participated in nine Big Days of Serving projects.

Stable Stewardship

We worked at the Palatine Park District stables
From one of the participants: “It was a great day to be outside!”
From the Palatine Park District: “I want to thank you all so kindly for assisting us on Saturday.  The stable fencing looks beautiful and just in time for our Fall Festival!  By volunteering, you have given the most expensive and priceless gift anyone could give, kindness and love.” 


We participated in Arlington Heights annual paint-a-thon.
Our group helped one homeowner by power-washing the house, stripping and painting the trim, plus doing a lot of yardwork, removing brush and trimming bushes.

Feed My Starving Children

Our American Heritage Girls group invited us to join them at the Feed My Starving Children location in Schaumberg to pack meals for hungry children overseas.

Knit and Crochet

At least 10 children will get new, handmade hats and scarves, thanks to this group of workers.

Fill the Pews

One group restocked the backs of our pews with pens, envelopes, etc.

Blankets and Baskets of Hope

We made fleece blankets with hand-tied fringe, and gathered gift cards, to give to families affected by the recent apartment house fire in Prospect Heights.

Mulch Party

This hardy group spent a morning spreading 80 yards of mulch in the many, many tree and flower beds around our property.

Food and Family

About 50 volunteers joined about the same number of people struggling with homelessness for a hearty meal and friendly conversation.Comments of the project coordinator: “We heard from a regular Timothy Ministry volunteer that so many people downtown walk past the homeless, crossing the street to avoid them, but here at St. Peter’s they feel like humans as people stop, talk, interact, sing, pray, and eat with them.  We heard stories of people getting back on their feet with work, and taking food for family members that couldn’t make it here.” 

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