The Call Process


Calling A Church Worker

From time to time, we will have the opportunity as a congregation to add to our staff an individual who is on the roster (click here to learn more) of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). When that happens, we enter into a “call process” to seek God’s direction in filling the position and to comply with our denomination’s process for handling rostered church workers.

Within our congregation’s system of governance, the Governing Board has established a Call Committee to formally conduct any search for a rostered church worker. Currently, that includes:

Staff: Pastor Micah Greiner (chair), Brian Booth
Members: Chris Dickinson, Stacy Larson, Laura Knoll, Craig Grandt, Mike Graf (Governing Board representative)

At the moment, the Call Committee is actively vetting candidates for our vacant Associate Pastor position.

The Call Process

Briefly stated, here is the process we will follow:

1. Establish a job description

2. Gather names

3. Review names and narrow down the list

4. Contact the candidates who fit our needs, narrowing the list to those willing to be considered

5. Conduct phone interviews with those on the “Narrow List,” using that information to select our “Top Prospects”

6. Arrange for second interviews and/or personal visits with our “Top Prospects”

7. Narrow the list again to any candidate(s) considered worthy of presentation to the congregation for a Call at a Voters’ Meeting (for any pastoral position) or to the Governing Board (for any other called position)

8. After Calling an individual, we would wait for a decision. If they accept the Call, we would plan for their arrival; if not, we would return to an earlier step in the process and start again.

What Can You Do

Most importantly, pray. Pray that God would make clear the name of that individual He has already prepared for us. Pray that our process would run quickly and smoothly. Pray for our ministry, as well as the ministry that person would be leaving. Pray for those in our community who are far from Jesus whom they’d help us reach and serve.

Also, you can talk to Call Committee members about any ideas, questions, or concerns you may have. Your input is important!

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