All fundraising and event requests must complete an application.

The process:

• All fundraising and event requests must complete an online application.
• All requests must be submitted no later than 1 month prior to request date. Applications submitted less than 1 month prior to request date will not be considered.
• Applications will be reviewed based on availability of date, space, support needs, and organizations alignment with St. Peter’s mission of “Leading People to a Full Life in Christ (John 10:10)”.
• St. Peter Lutheran Church and school reserves the right to: reject the application, request the applicant provide additional information, accept the application for further processing.
• St. Peter will notify the applicant of its decision as soon as possible.


• All fundraising, events and activities conducted or sponsored by St. Peter Lutheran Church and School have first priority.

If approved:

• Organizations are permitted 2 weeks of fundraising activity per year. Special permission to extend your event may be granted by the St Peter lead staff and administration. Written request is due at the time of original request.
• Location and placement of fundraising promotion and activities is at the discretion of St. Peter.
• For collection drives, organizer is responsible for collecting and storing items. Organizer is responsible for ensuring  collection containers in common areas are kept neat, and the area around them accessible.

• All Communications and marketing for fundraising and events to the St. Peter Community (including promotion on social media, in weekly newsletters, web sites, take-home notes and leave behind printed materials) as well as usage of the St Peter and affiliated logos must be approved and sent through Communications Director St. Peter does not guarantee usage of all channels of communications.
• Please do not promote or announce a fundraising date until an application for fundraising has been approved.
• Certain dates are reserved for church celebrations and holidays. We are unable to accommodate requests for the following dates including: Holy Week, Confirmation Service weekends, Reformation Sunday, and Advent Season.


For questions regarding the application process, and policies please contact Heidi Brown at 224-387-3820 or