Governing Board

What is the role of the Governing Board?

The Governing Board is elected by the Congregation “to provide a strong, powerful, ethical and spiritual pursuit of the Mission of St. Peter Lutheran Church & School” (Governing Board Policy Manual, 2.1.). As such, it is entrusted with overseeing all aspects of the ministry by providing the Lead Pastor clear policies to establish the limits of what he and the staff do on a daily basis. The Governing Board also works closely with the Lead Pastor to develop and articulate the Strategic Direction of the ministry.

To make this model of ministry work effectively, it takes many more than just those elected to the Governing Board or those on staff! The people of St. Peter are encouraged to serve on Advisory Councils (working closely with the Lead Staff to encourage them and extend their impact) and Ministry Teams (assembled to do the various tasks of ministry, under the leadership of a staff member).

If you would like to explore the inner workings of this governance model in more detail, you can read through the following documents:

Constitution [Revised on 5/18/14]

By-Laws [Revised on 11/15/15]

Governing Board Policy Manual [Revised, 09/26/15]

Who is on the Governing Board?

Elected by the voting members of St. Peter Lutheran Church, the seven member Governing Board includes:
Mike Graf (Chair)
Tim Stoeckel (Vice Chair)
Paul Hilgeman (Secretary)
Janet Fischer
Carolyn Dolezal
Brittany Koester
Matthew Meyer

Terms of office run for three years, with elections being held every May to fill the 2 or 3 positions that are open. To nominate an individual for the Governing Board, review the qualifications listed in the Governing Board Policy Manual first. If the individual you have in mind meets those expectations, you can pick up a nominations form from the church office, fill it out, and have the individual you are nominating sign off on the form. You can then submit the completed form to the church office.

Governing Board Meeting Minutes

As part of the Governing Board’s responsibility to keep the Congregation informed of all important actions and developments that will impact our ministry, the official minutes from the meetings are made available through the main office upon request.

Voters’ Meeting

The Voting Members of St. Peter gather twice a year for Regular Voters’ Meetings (usually in May and November) and for Special Voters’ Meetings, as necessary. At these meetings, the Governing Board and Lead Pastor bring to the Voters information and action items for the Congregation.