I'm New...

Welcome to St. Peter Lutheran Church & School!

We are glad that you are interested in learning more about us and we hope to meet you soon. We hope that the information below will help make your time with us a bit easier.

If You’re Coming for Worship…

Most of our first time guests like to visit a worship service to get a feel for what St. Peter is like. You are welcome to join us at any of our worship services.

Each weekend, we offer four unique worship services.

Our 5:00 pm service on Saturday is a relaxed traditional service, with music led by organ and choirs.

At 8:45 am on Sunday, we offer a lively traditional service in our Sanctuary, with music led by organ and choirs.

Our 9:15 am Sunday service, called “Encounter” (read more), is a relaxed, interactive contemporary service that meets in our Life Center.

At 11:00 am on Sunday, we have contemporary service in our Life Center, with music led by our praise band.

Getting Here

We are located at 111 W. Olive St. in Arlington Heights, Illinois, a northwest suburb of the city of Chicago. For a Google Map and directions, click here.

One thing you may want to keep in mind is that we are not the only Lutheran Church on Olive Street! Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church (ELCA) is located on the corner of Olive St. and Arlington Heights Rd. We are located three blocks WEST of that intersection. It can be easy to get confused, so you might want to make note of this!


We have two parking lots located on either side of our campus. The first you are likely to see is our east parking lot at Olive St. & Vail Ave. There is another, larger parking lot on the west side of Highland Ave. Handicap parking is readily available in both lots. If necessary, you are also welcome to park on the street.

Which Doors to Use

The main entrance doors are found on either side of the lobby that is adjacent to the sanctuary (its hard to miss with the "main entrance" signs). There are wide sidewalks leading up to these doors, so that should help.

On school days, the doors are locked and you will need to use the buzzer to request admission. For worship services and other major events, the doors are typically unlocked.


You are welcome to come to worship wearing whatever you find comfortable and appropriate in a public place. You’ll find some wearing coats and ties and others in sandals and shorts, along with everything in between.


We love kids! We place a very high value on families being able to worship together. Nothing is more fundamental for raising children to know and follow Jesus than being in worship together as a family.

At the same time, we know that it isn’t always easy, especially when kids are young or just getting started in worship, so we offer a number of things to help


Church Bags – On your way into worship, grab one of the “Church Bags” to give your child(ren) some age-appropriate toys and activities. We keep them stocked with reading books and coloring books, as well as toys that don’t make a lot of noise.

Booster Seats – For some children, all that they need is a better view of what’s happening. Grab a booster seat and help them watch what’s going on.

Nursery – We offer a nursery staff during the 8:45am traditional service at 10:00am Bible study/new member class time. If your child needs a break (or you do!), feel free to bring them to the nursery. We have a simple procedure for check in and check out to keep everyone safe, and we’ll call or text you if your child is having a difficult time. Just remember to keep your phone on vibrate during worship.

The nursery is designed for children up through age 3, and it is intended to help you include them in your worship life as a family.

Summer DIY Nursery (Ages 0-3) - If your infant or toddler needs a break during the service, you are welcome to step out into the Living Room area of our lobby. You’ll find comfortable seating, as well as toys and books designed for children that age. We also will be adding a livestream of the service on the TV in that room very soon, so you can stay engaged with what’s happening in the service.

Kids Word – During all Sunday worship services, we offer children who are preschool-age through 2nd grade to step out of the worship service during the sermon for an age-appropriate learning time. Led by a team of staff and volunteers, the children will learn about our “Big Idea” for the day and engage in other fun activities. Children will be returned to the sanctuary shortly after the sermon wraps up.

This is intended to give them a chance to engage the teaching, while you are able to focus better on the sermon.

Fusion – On most weekends during the school year, students in kindergarten through 5th grade are invited to Fusion, a fresh approach to Sunday School.  Plan to drop off your child(ren) by 10:00 am and pick them up at 10:45 am in Gym #1.

If you are attending Encounter, your children will be dismissed for Fusion just before 10:00 am. You can stay in the Life Center for the message and community time and then pick your kids up when Fusion lets out at 10:45 am.

Baptism & Communion

Because we place a high value on receiving the gifts that Jesus gives through His Word (the Bible) and the Sacraments (Baptism and Communion), you will see them often in our weekend worship services.

Baptisms are conducted whenever they are requested and are typically one of the first parts of that particular worship service. All the children in worship are invited forward during the baptism to give them the best seats in the house and involve them in what is going on.

Communion is offered at every worship service. As a member of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, we practice close(d) communion, in recognition of the fact that what we offer in communion is the true body and blood of Jesus Christ. 

For those who are our guests, we ask that you kindly speak with a pastor before joining us for communion. This allows our pastors to oversee the sacrament in an a faithful manner.

Joining the Church

If you would like to become an official member of the church, we ask that you complete our 7 week new member class. This class focuses on the Lutheran doctrine and how to get connected to life at St. Peter. To learn more, click here.