Lutheran Laymen's League

The LLL is primarily a service organization within St. Peter. Among the events the LLL stages are the Turkey Dinner and preparing and serving food at the annual Church Picnic. The club is also the sponsoring organization for the Cub Scouts (Pack 37) and Boy Scouts (Troop 37) and Venture Crew. The club offers Christian fellowship opportunities for its members at monthly meetings and various service events. Visit the St. Peter Lutheran Laymen's League website at

LLL members can: Attend monthly meetings 4th Tuesday of each month (typically 2-3 hours per meeting) includes light meal, entertainment, business meeting Take advantage of several opportunities to serve at various LLL events (Turkey Dinner, Live Nativity, etc). Time is variable, but can be 1-5 hours per event.

Members experience Christian fellowship in a relaxed and friendly environment. Some members have been in the LLL for over 50 years. One can also get satisfaction from serving other members of St. Peter in a variety of settings.