At times, it can seem like the process of spiritual growth is not easy. So we try to keep things simple. We focus on:

1) Worship

Everything begins and ends with Jesus. In Worship, we seek to gather around Him and receive what He gives in Word and Sacrament. When we do, we always return to Him thanks and praise in lively, engaging fashion.

2) Life Groups

Gathering together with brothers and sisters in Christ to read the Word, pray, serve, and simply do life together is the most effective vehicle for personal spiritual growth.

3) Youth & Children's Ministry

The moments we have to influence our children when they are young is irreplaceable. Because we believe this, we invest as much time and effort as we can in partnering with homes to build strong, Christian families...starting as early as we can!

4) Missions

Hurting, empty people are all around us - in our families, our schools, our workplaces, our neighborhoods. We seek to be actively engaged in uncovering the needs of our local communities, along with those of our Global Mission Partners, and meeting them with the love and message of Jesus whenever we can.