2020 Trip to Italy & Oberammergau Trip

For centuries, the residents of Oberammergau – a Bavarian village at the foot of the Alps – have been putting on a Passion Play every 10 years to fulfill a vow made during a time of the plague. This world-class production is absolutely spectacular and something every traveler should want to experience at least once! In June of 2020, just a few years from now, you will have the chance to experience the Passion Play, as well as tour through the heart of Italy along with Pastor and Sarah Greiner and Ilse Schmidt. Learn more at www.FullLifeinChrist.org/travel and reserve your spot soon! Space is limited. To hear more about the trip, you are invited to an initial informational meeting in Bartz Hall on Sunday, December 10, at 12 pm.

Allie Bickel