Our Vision - immeasurably more


Our Vision: To reach people no one else is reaching by doing what no one else is doing.
We believe Jesus wants to do "immeasurably more" through St. Peter than we can ask or imagine, reaching lives no one else is reaching with His Gospel. He has placed a unique and rare opportunity in front of us – one that is fully worthy of our prayer, our time and our resources.

Will you commit to praying weekly for our church and this vision? Please follow the link below:

Our Long-Range Strategic Direction

Beyond the Horizon (Next 10 Years)

Over the next 10 years, we will (re)start 10 new things ("10 in 10") to reach people no one else is reaching by doing what no one else is doing.

Background Vision (Next 2-3 Years)

First One: We will successfully plan and launch our first New Start by 12/31/2018.
Leadership Pipeline: We will develop an "incubator culture" to identify, train, and release new leaders.
Strong Home Base: We will work tirelessly to ensure that the campus in Arlington Heights thrives, with a laser-like focus on our mDNA.
Joining Jesus: We will train and release people for Missional Living as our primary outreach and adult discipleship strategy.

Midground Milestone (This Year)

Contagious Community: We will invest in Life Groups, community events, and creating a welcoming atmosphere to help connect people to Jesus and to one another.

Foreground Action Initiatives (Next 90 Days)

Pastoral Vacancy: We will develop a clear plan to fill our vacant pastoral position, including considering all options available.
11:00am Service: We will pull together a team to 'reimagine' the 11 am service, focusing especially on families with middle school and high school youth.
Joining Jesus Groups: We will introduce this concept to the 100+ families identified as potential leaders, inviting them into the role.

Driving and Dreaming Videos

Listen in to the videos below as Pastor Greiner and Brian Booth talk and dream about what’s next for St. Peter, and the exciting vision God is putting in front of us.