Service Enterprise Certified


St. Peter Awarded "Blue Ribbon" for Effective Volunteer Engagement

What is it?

We recently received Service Enterprise certification for effective volunteer engagement.  This certification is offered nationally by Points of Light.  We earned the certification through a year-long process that included an extensive assessment, plus training, consulting and extensive internal planning and change.

Points of Light research found that organizations that achieve Service Enterprise standards not only are more effective in engaging volunteers, they also are more adaptable, sustainable and resourced, and they operate at half the median budget of their peers.

Why did we seek this certification?

St. Peter always has and always will be a ministry driven by volunteers.  And, so we are committed to identifying and removing whatever barriers stand in the way of God's people using their own unique set of gifts, talents, passions, and abilities to serve others. We are convinced that as we do this, we will see an unprecedented wave of love and mercy sweep across our community, transforming it for good!

What did we do as part of the process?

  • Volunteers are now explicitly included in visioning and strategic planning statements, in staff position descriptions and performance reviews, in organization charts and the employee handbook.
  • We created a volunteer handbook, "Serving at St. Peter".
  • We initiated new practices in volunteer appreciation and surveying volunteers.

Now what?

  • We are committed to continued growth in the areas of surveying and appreciating volunteers, and of healthy volunteer recruitment and support.
  • Staff are receiving volunteer engagement resources.  We are particularly committed to increasing our involvement of volunteers using specialized skills.
  • Renewal of our certification in 3 years is part of our ongoing commitment to improvement.

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