2018-2019 Family 15’s

“Family 15 is a time for parents and students to learn and grow alongside each other in the car, at the dinner table, or during family devotions. The following prompts will add to what we talk about in C4. Read in your Catechism and Bible to help supplement your discussion and dive even deeper. 

October 18, 2018

  • Read about Baptism on pages 23-25 in the Catechism. To dive deeper, reflect on Questions 239-260 in the Q and A portion at the back of the Catechism.

  • Share about a time you were going through a “storm” in life. What promises of God did you hold on to during that time?

  • Share stories of each other’s baptisms so you can “remember” them together. What does that baptism mean to you today?

  • Has anyone ever thought you were crazy or made fun of you for believing in Jesus and his promises? Share about that time. How did you handle that situation?

  • Pray together – God, thank you for always keeping your promises. Even when the storms of life make it hard to see you, you are always there. Help me to grow closer to you every day. Help me to remember my baptism and that my identity is rooted in you. Thanks for the new life I have in you. Amen.

September 30, 2018

  • Read The Seventh Petition of the Lord’s Prayer and it’s meaning. To dive deeper, reflect on Questions 231-233 in the Q and A portion at the back of the Catechism.

  • Sin separates us from God and his holiness. The only remedy is Jesus. What sin are you struggling with the most right now? How might that sin be hurting your faith walk?

  • Sin is also destructive to relationships between people. Can you think of a time that a sin (a lie, gossip, hate, stealing, etc.) hurt your relationship with someone? Were you able to mend that relationship or not? Describe the experience. 

  • We may be surrounded by sin, hurt, and shame now, but God tells us that the best is yet to come… What are you most looking forward to in heaven?

  • Pray Together – God, thank you for ________. Even in my struggle with sin, you love me and always want the best for me. Forgive me for every sin I struggle with, known and unknown. Thank you for the forgiveness that never runs dry. Because of you, I am forgiven and free. Amen.

September 9, 2018

  • Read The First Article of the Apostle’s Creed and it’s meaning. To dive deeper, reflect on Questions 96-113 in the Q and A portion at the back of the Catechism.

  • Describe your all-time favorite encounter with God’s Creation. Was it a camping trip, a lake, or your back yard? What made that experience so special?

  • In Genesis God created everything with his words. Clearly words hold a lot of power. Knowing this, how might you choose your words differently when speaking with your family and/or friends?

  • Pray Together – God, thank you for creating _______. Help me to notice, enjoy, and thank you for all that you’ve made. Forgive me when I fail to praise you and instead complain about what you’ve given me. Most of all, thank you for your love and countless second chances. Amen.

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