South Africa

A Quarter Century of God's Grace

For over twenty-five years, we have been privileged to work with Pastor Mandla Khumalo and his church, St. Peter Confessional Lutheran Church, in Middelburg, South Africa. Over the years, we have seen Jesus working powerfully in South Africa with thousands of people being led to faith in Christ and blessed through our works of mercy and care.

St. Peter Confessional Lutheran Church

With satellite locations and daughter churches scattered across the northeastern part of South Africa, St. Peter has been a powerful evangelistic ministry for decades. Whether through its radio ministry or Center for Missionary Formation, Pastor Khumalo has helped reach and save thousands with the message of Jesus Christ, both personally and through those he has trained.

St. Peter Christian College

After opening for its first year of school in January of 2011, this private, Christian elementary school has been blessed with tremendous growth. From the original 36 students on the first day of school, enrollment has grown to well over 600 today!

Drawing on the tradition of some of the best private schools in South Africa, this school is called a "college" to remind everyone of its vision to become a school of excellence planted in the heart of Mhluzi, the formerly segregated residential neighborhood outside of Middelburg.

Bethel Preschool

The first school to be started in Middelburg, Bethel currently serves well over 300 little children, starting from newborns and extending through preschool. They are provided a safe environment to learn and grow, along with at least 2 meals a day. For some, this is all that they will get to eat!

Caring Friends

A dynamic mercy ministry that provides health and hygiene education to the people of Middelburg in a Gospel-centered way, Caring Friends also provides employment for dozens of men and women in the community. By taking popular tunes and replacing the lyrics with their own, they bring their message of hope and healing to hundreds of people every week.

Job Creation

Since poverty is such a crushing burden that also leads to so many other social problems, we are attacking it at its source by creating jobs. This is accomplished by starting new micro-businesses and providing job training at the Skills Development Centre, developed in partnership with local corporations and government agencies.

Long Range Strategic Plan

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