Our Volunteer Wishes

Crafty Painting

Artistic/crafty/painter to add kid friendly words/pictures to some benches in our school.

For more info, contact Bruce Rudi.

Idea List

Fourth grade teachers seek a volunteer to come up with about a dozen simple short-term one-time ways their students and their families could serve others. 

For more info, contact Carol Rudi.

Set Construction

Like to build things? We’re seeking people to help build the set for the middle school musical in April.

For more info, contact Hannah Wieting.

Event Planner

Plan a fun volunteer appreciation event (maybe a dinner? brunch?) for Spring 2019. Help Karen lead the staff in its implementation. Help us celebrate volunteers and have fun together!

For more info, contact Karen Kogler.

Give Toys a Bath

LOTS of toys in this preschool classroom need cleaning! Flexible schedule.
For more info, contact Stephanie Keller.

Nook Seating

Create some chairs and/or benches for a reading nook for our grades 6-8 Special Education Services teacher. She’s open to your design suggestions. Cost of materials reimbursed.

For more info, contact Tracy Marchetti.

Bulletin Board Creator

Do you love art, design or decorating? Create themed bulletin board/window displays for our school counselor.

For more info, Contact Kelly Baker.

Squeaky Clean

The Youth Room could use a deep cleaning every few months. A volunteer could clean under the couches, sanitize all the surfaces, reorganize the book shelf, straighten furniture, dust the nooks and crannies, clean the fridge, and organize cabinets. A deep clean would only take a couple of hours. A volunteer could clean one time or commit to cleaning the room every few months if they see fit.

For more info, contact Kristin Harman.

Baked Goods

At Oasis Youth Group on Sunday nights, the High School students love eating baked goods (brownies, cookies, cake, etc.). A volunteer could help by providing desert once, once a month, twice a month, or even every week. Any help is appreciated!

For more info, contact Kristin Harman.

Video Stream

Help with video streaming of the 8:45 am worship service one or two Sundays per month.

For more info, contact Jason Grandt.

A/V Booth

Love electronics? Run the A/V booth once or twice a month at either the Saturday, 5:00pm or the Sunday, 8:45am worship services.

For more info, contact Jason Grandt.

Serve While You Worship

Join an usher team and bless our 5:00pm and 8:45am services. Great way to serve with your older children/teens. On the job training provided.

Contact Becky Parmalee through Karen Kogler.

Kids Hope Mentor

Commit to one lunch hour a week, throughout the school year, and make a difference in the life of a disadvantaged child here at St. Peter School.

For more info, contact Jill Schutz.

Cashier’s Assistant

Assist at Community Threads thrift shop with bagging, wrapping, and fitting rooms; any Wednesday or Saturday, 1:00-4:00pm
Contact Emily Hickey, through Karen Kogler.

Helping Hand

Help out at Community Threads thrift store with a variety of tasks; any Tuesday, 10:00am to 1:00pm, or Friday, 4ppm to 7pm.

Contact Emily Hickey, through Karen Kogler

Meet New Members

Three times a year, our ministry guides each have a getting-to-know-you conversation with a new member individual or couple, helping them get connected to life at St. Peter. Training provided. Two year (6 visits) commitment requested.

For more info, contact Karen Kogler.

Meals on Wheels Coordinator

Every November, St. Peter volunteers deliver Meals on Wheels for one of Wheeling Township’s routes.  This team needs a coordinator to be a liaison with the Township; coordinate the schedule; assist with recruiting when needed; and take a turn doing deliveries. 

For more info, contact Karen Kogler.

A Nose for News

Spend 1-2 hours/month sniffing out stories of St. Peter’s people serving, so they can be shared with the whole church family.

For more info, contact Karen Kogler.

Survey Design

Consult on the design of a simple, flexible survey for regular use with our volunteers.

For more info, contact Karen Kogler. 


Do interviews and write up the stories of people serving at St. Peter, following up on leads provided.

For more info, contact Karen Kogler.

Communion Assistant

Men are invited to help distribute Holy Communion in our worships services at 5pm on Saturdays or at at 8:45 am or 11am on Sundays.

For more info, contact Pastor Greiner.

Kids Hope Mentor

Commit to one lunch hour a week, throughout the school year, and make a difference in the life of a disadvantaged child at Windsor Elementary in Arlington Heights.

Contact Susan Klawitter, through Karen Kogler

Night Owls

Stay awake so others can sleep. 3:00am to 7:00am on the 3rd Saturday of the month, for our PADS ministry to the homeless. Training and orientation required in advance.

For more info, Pat Polerecky, through Karen Kogler.