About Confirmation

Confirmation is a significant spiritual rite in which a person publicly confirms the faith given to them in their baptism. Our Confirmation Program is designed to lead students to a full life in Christ through relationships, education, service, and worship. Students who wish to participate in the Confirmation rite are highly encouraged to participate in the following ways each year*:

6th Grade, 7th Grade, and 8th Grade

  • Regular participation in C4 Middle School Ministry

  • Regular family discussion of faith matters (Family 15 Questions provided via email)

  • Memory Work Completed

  • 15 Service Hours (per year)

  • Regular Worship Attendance

Freshman Module

  • Regular participation in Oasis High School Ministry

  • Check-In with Pastor or DCE

  • Faith Sharing Project

  • October Confirmation Rite

*We are more than willing to work with you on an individual basis. If you have a unique situation that prohibits you from completing all the requirements, please reach out! DCE Kristin would be more than happy to work with you to create a program that works for you. 

C4 Middle School Ministry – C4 Middle School Youth Group currently meets on Sunday mornings at 10:00 in the Youth Room during the school year. Each meeting includes games, activities, large group instruction, and small group life application time. Each year the curriculum rotates between Old Testament, New Testament, and Life Application. Luther’s Small Catechism is weaved into the topic of the day. Additional events like First Communion instruction, retreats, late nights, Youth Gatherings, group outings, and service projects also happen throughout the year. Check out the C4 Schedule here. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @C4_StPeter.

Oasis High School Ministry – Oasis High School Ministry currently meets on Sunday nights at 6:00 in the Youth Room. Students will transition into Oasis during the summer heading into their Freshman Year. Additional events are offered through the year as well. Check out the Oasis Schedule here. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @Oasis_StPeter

Additional Events or Activities – Additional activities may include First Communion instruction, retreats, Youth Gatherings, late night events, lock-ins, group outings, and mission opportunities. Activities are posted on the Website, Facebook, and Instagram (@C4_StPeter & @Oasis_StPeter).

Family 15 – Family 15 is a time (approximately 15 minutes) for parents and students to chat about their life experiences over dinner, in the car, or anytime throughout the week. Prompts are provided corresponding to the C4 themes a couple of times per month. Family 15’s can be found here.

Memory Work – Memory work can be completed at any pace during your Middle School years. A list of required memory work is available here. When you memorize a portion, simply recite it to DCE Kristin. Set up a time to meet with her or catch her before/after C4 so she can track your progress.  St. Peter Day School students will not need to complete memory work outside of what is already assigned in the school.

Service Hours – Students may serve in any way that fits their unique abilities including, but not limited to, Acolyte, Community Threads, Feed My Starving Children, PADs, Encounter, assisting teachers, serving your neighbors, tutoring, participating at Big Days of Serving, and assisting our facilities team. Submit this form online as hours are completed.

Worship – Students are encouraged to worship at St. Peter every week. Use the Connect Card in your bulletin (or by the door in the Life Center) to reflect on the worship experience using the "Confirmation Connection" portion on the back. If you have a sibling in Confirmation, you should each grab your own Connect Card. Return the cards to the ushers so we will know you were at worship. If you forget to complete your Connect Card while at worship, please complete this online form within 24 hours of attending worship.  If you worship somewhere else, give that bulletin and reflection to DCE Kristin.

Check in with Pastor/DCE – Sometime between late Spring and early Fall before Freshman year, students and parents will meet with the Pastor and DCE to have a brief conversation about faith matters. The purpose of the conversation is to encourage and support the students in their faith walk.

Faith Sharing Project – Confirmation is all about going public with your faith. Prior to the ConfirmationRite, students will create a project using their Life Verse that expresses their faith or faith story using their own unique abilities. These projects will be on display on Confirmation Sunday. Projects could be a video, paper, sculpture, poem, graphic design image, music, etc.

Fall Confirmation Rite – The Confirmation Rite will take place on Reformation Sunday in October during a student’s Freshman Year of High School. Faith Projects will be displayed during all the weekend services.

Contact the church office or kharman@FullLifeInChrist.org for more information.