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Forgotten Bible: Oh, No or Ah-Ha!

God’s people lost God’s Word, leading them to fail to celebrate their most joyful festival — the Passover. Under King Josiah, that Word was found, bringing the people back to where God wanted them to be. As we study His Word, we will come to “ah-ha” moments where we are touched by the presence of God in our lives.

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Forgotten Bible: The Power of God's Word to Resist Temptation

Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness and encounters the devil. Jesus was tempted, as Israel, and we are. However, Jesus did not sin; He was God. He was confronted by the tempter with real opportunities to sin; but He was able to meet all temptations with Scriptural truth. God’s Word is powerful to defeat evil in our lives. Jesus is the way into the wilderness.

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Forgotten Bible: The Joy of Pentecost

When the Holy Spirit came to Jesus’ disciples at Pentecost, they were empowered to preach the Gospel without fear, causing the church to grow. Today we all too often push the Holy Spirit aside and live with a pride in what we can do. Pride leads to our downfall, but as the Holy Spirit has shown in many nations of Africa and in India, that people excited about their faith can bring phenomenal growth to the Christian Church.

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