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Joining Jesus: Show Me How -- How Does Discipling Work?

God has already given us what the world so desperately needs, but we don't have it in us to give it away, at least to the degree that God has planned.  To do this -- that is, to become a disciple on mission for the good of others -- takes quite a bit of work.  Fortunately for us (and for the world), Jesus is up to the task, and as soon as we begin following Him as part of our daily life, so are we!

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Joining Jesus: Show Me How -- What is the Mission of God, According to God?

The Mission of God is the one thing that ties together what God was doing in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, as well as what He is doing in the world right now.  His purpose is clear: He wants to redeem and restore all things.  His strategy is clear, too: He wants to use us to bring His kingdom to the people closest to us in small, tangible ways.

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