Serve in Equipping Ministries

Followers of Jesus serve others unselfishly, within and beyond the church. In our church, we intentionally equip each other to serve as God has gifted and called us. Our Equipping Ministry builds a system and culture that nourishes and supports our serving.

Big Days of Serving 2017 Video

These Equipping ministries have openings for new volunteers:


Ministry Guides (IMM, INF) – Through one-on-one conversations, these volunteers have conversations with new members and others who are seeking ways to serve. 

Additional Equipping ministries:

Data Team – data entry for our cloud-based equipping database. 

Protection Screening Team (INF) – assists with interviews and other aspects of the protection screening process. 

Job Description Team – Creates and maintains ministry job descriptions for all volunteer opportunities. 

Volunteer Handbook - (IMM, INF) – Regularly review our Volunteer Handbook.

Eq. Office Assistant – Assists the Equipping staff with various administrative tasks for a half day, once a week, during office hour. 

Equipping Advisory Council - Supports Karen Kogler on the overall Equipping Ministry.