Serve in Facilities and Administration

Buildings and administration provide support to all our ministries. These volunteers are generally behind-the-scenes, but are vital to things running smoothly!


These Facilities and Administration ministries have openings for new volunteers:

Bulletin Assembly – On Friday mornings these volunteers gather to chat while collating handouts for weekend worship. 

Christmas Decorating (ST)– Come put up all the Christmas decorations. This usually takes place on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. You can also help take it all down again in early January. 

Outdoor Gardens (FAM, YTH) - Volunteers prep the flower beds and plant annuals in pots outside the main entrance doors, and in the bed on the Highland Ave. side. Volunteers also sign up to water throughout the season. 

Lawn Maintenance – Come help mow our lawns on Wednesday mornings. All equipment provided. 

Misc. Building Maintenance (ST)– In a building this size, there’s always something that needs maintenance or repair. Volunteers with needed skills who offer their time are matched with appropriate tasks. 

Journalism Volunteer - Write stories on how God is at work here.

Additional Facilities and Administration ministries:

Advisory Council – This group advises and supports, as requested, the Director of Ministry Support. 

Governing Board – The seven members of the governing board are elected to three-year terms. 

Kitchen Supplies – When people meet, they love to eat! So this volunteer keeps our two church kitchens well supplied for all who use them. See job description. 

Risk Management team (INF)– This team works with the Director of Ministry Support on risk management issues.