Serve in a Life Group

When people come together regularly for serving, study or just plain fun, that’s a Life Group! We invite you to join a Life Group just to enjoy doing life together. Some may wish to take the extra step of volunteering time and talent to make Life Groups happen.


These Life Groups are open to new participants, and have openings for new volunteers:

American Heritage Girls (PROT) – Our group uses materials and guidelines from the national AHG organization to plan and lead activities that help girls grow in character and skills. 

God’s Special Friends (IMM, PROT, FAM)– This team provides twice-monthly Christ-centered learning activities for people age 13 and up with cognitive disabilities. Volunteers may teach, lead singing, or be a partner to a participant. 

Life Group leaders - Many Life Groups focus on Bible study and fellowship. Leaders of these groups plan the study, lead the group in study and prayer, develop an apprentice leader, and include fellowship and service projects for the group. 

Lutheran Laymen’s League – Familiarly known as LLL, this group of men is our congregational branch of a national group of Lutheran men. They’re an active, welcoming group that gathers regularly for fun and fellowship, learning and service. 

Senior Ministry – This team conducts service projects, assists senior congregation members with needs, and plans and implements regular educational and entertaining social events for seniors. 

Scouts (PROT)- We have a Cub Scout and Boy Scout troop. 

Additional Life Group ministries that are open to new participants, but have no volunteer openings at this time:

Adult Athletic Leagues – These volunteers organize seasonal volleyball and basketball leagues for adults.